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Science Referencing: ACS Referencing Style

A quick guide to various referencing styles specific to science.

Americal Chemical Society (ACS) Referencing Style: 

Three ways to cite

When using the ACS Referencing Style, you may cite references within the text of your document in one of three ways:

  1. By author name and year of publication in parentheses.
    • .... shown by the evidence (Black, 1997).
      • If there are two authors, join them with the word "and" e.g. (Smith and Green, 1996).
      • If there are more than two authors of a cited reference, use et al. e.g. (Platt et al., 2004).
  2. By numbering with superscript numbers.
    • .... shown by the evidence2
  3. With italic numbers in parentheses.
    • .... shown by the evidence (3)

All of these are then correspond with the relevant name or number in the reference list/bibliography.