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EndNote Setup: Download Waikato Style Files

EndNote is bibliographic software used to format references downloaded from databases, library catalogues, or manual input. EndNote is installed on the majority of University computers, but our site license allows installation on personal computers.

What are "Style Files"?

Style Files are referencing styles controlling bibliography formatting. UoW styles aren't auto-loaded in EndNote. Library staff crafted or adjusted styles like APA 7th, APA 6th, MHRA, Harvard Science, Harvard Geography, Law, Anthropology, and Politics. These styles, edited by UoW Library staff, rectify EndNote version errors and aid users with specific issues.

Style File Setup Process

  1. Download the relevant file:

    • Save the downloaded Styles file (see list below) in a folder outside the C drive.
    • Create a folder in Documents and save it there.
  2. Change Folder Location in EndNote Preferences:

    • Open your EndNote Library and navigate to Preferences.
    • Go to Folder locations and select the new folder location where you saved the Styles file.
    • The Style will now appear in the drop-down menu in EndNote.